New feature: Send WhatsApp messages to cell phones in any country

With our latest update, you can now contact your customers through your personalized personalized WhatsApp number no matter if their phone numbers are from other countries. We have created this new functionality especially for our customers who are located in tourist areas or who receive mostly foreign customers with country codes different from their region. […]

Clear’s growth: We have more than 103,000 registered users.

We are celebrating that we already have 103 thousand registered users and 12 years of proven results growing Small and Medium Businesses in Latin America with our Software. This year we will continue to increase our staff in order to grow even faster and continue to be the #1 Revenue Accelerator software in Latin America […]

New feature: Verified and personalized WhatsApp account

Clear is the only company that offers its customers a personalized and verified WhatsApp account to send automated messages. Find out how this benefits your business. Saves time Manually answering hundreds of messages to book or change appointments, send reminders or answer frequently asked questions is totally inefficient: Customers wait hours to be served and […]